Absolut Royal Fuck

Absolut Royal Fuck

Absolut Royal Fuck is one of the Professionals of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 10/24/2011 the artist is currently ranked as the #148 World Music act. The artist is considered to be from Porto. This artist accepts invitations.

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4/17/2023 Nashville sweet Details »
4/17/2023 London splendid Details »
4/16/2023 Toronto Failed Details »

Artist Buzz

The most recent music video by Absolut Royal Fuck is Star Whores (Episode IV: A New Hole), released on 12/3/2021.

Absolut Royal Fuck released the GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS full length album (Plan B) Mary Turns to Porn on 12/16/2021.

Message to the Fans

royal fucks saving krakens and unicorns, one at a time! #worldpeace #eatyoursalad #bemiserable

last place big bang
biggest loozer
2 chicken 4 fest
#1 band (in our street)

ℹ we do funerals and divorce parties


Mary Worthaboutapig
E. Zsadist
Didgeridoo Player / Dancer
Member since 4/13/2018

Mary Poe Angles
Z. Bauer
Band Leader
Piano Player / Lead Singer
Member since 11/21/2018

Mary Macaron
A. Muse
Accordion Player / Dancer
Member since 1/20/2019

Mary Thee Stallion
K. Bauer
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Dancer
Member since 10/6/2020

Mary Willow Siren
J. Hepburn
Backup Vocalist / Piano Player
Member since 2/28/2022