Taze Kurbağa Turşusu

Taze Kurbağa Turşusu

Taze Kurbağa Turşusu is one of the Super Stars of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 6/26/2008 the artist is currently ranked as the #65 Rock act. The artist is considered to be from New York. This artist accepts invitations.

Rock #65 $279,231,893.96

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Live performances include a mind melting show at Hellelujah Club * LON in London which is rated as their best recent show.

The most recent music video by Taze Kurbağa Turşusu is TOOOR IS ON THE TABLE, released on 1/6/2019.

Taze Kurbağa Turşusu released the mind melting single Samael on 3/5/2019.

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WIW #4


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A. Bjørnstad
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Dancer
Member since 6/6/2012