I. Sanz

I. is 38 years old. He is the Lead Singer of Foreplay. I. is also known as "Din Skugga". I. is located in London at MTA | Hotel | London.

I. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

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I love you, August Sanz!

There were some people in my life, leaving their footprints. Some I hardly remember, sadly, some that were nice and some that.. well cannot be erased, but time once maybe fully sooth one's soul.
The harms of.. two people are still vividly painful, but with Auggie on my side I have no time to think of the black parts of my life.

Even if there are good times and bad times in life, one can be more dominant, overwrites the other one. Good is able to disappear sometimes, or the bad is simply too bad and can't be shadowed by good.

But that's why Auggie is my Magician.
.. he was able not just smooth my soul and heart, but somehow placed himself everywhere. Like.. whenever a bad memory comes up, I suddenly see only him, smiling.
And I am just thankful for all those bad stories, as I learned by those how to appreciate the good. I could learn how good that good is.
Well, I have no words for this.
It's above all. Even physical laws.
I learned that love is not just chemistry between two people, but... Magic. I told already so, Magician, he is...
and well, above the heart and soul part..
.. I just so love how every morning he just crawls up on my chest to cuddle, slowly, not yet awakening.. like an octopus. But that's all about physical part.

I am happy *looks at Auggie* We.. happened. You claimed me. We were kissing. I would have given all to make you happy, even if it was not us, if it was needed.
We can't fix some things and time maybe neither can, but I can promise I will be here for ever with you. And my promises are not fake.
I've never faked anything, anything came up were true.
Our love is the most true thing in the world. Even if had tears.

And I feel that if we don't exist, if our love does not exist, the whole universe does not exist.

And now.. let me tag you, Auggie.

I wanted beardless, but he resisted that I make it grow back. The result is in between, but.. hope he does not send me away...

Posted 6/3/2023, 2:00 PM

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