I. Sanz

I. is 32 years old. He is the Lead Singer of Foreplay. I. is also known as "Din Skugga". I. is located in London at London Adventure Hall.

I. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

The songs of I.

Playing good songs on stage is crucial to the career of any musician. Although it's possible to play covers of other people's material, the best way to gain serious fame and become a superstar is to play your own songs. You can work on up to three songs at a time.

Known Songs Popularity Composed
Kıłłıиg иıgнтмaяe 8 | Market 8 500 1632158/14/2021
Laniakea market hit 570 1631118/10/2021
Bleeeh 500 1276947/26/2017
Carry away 500 1265926/10/2017
Blessed 500 1263786/1/2017
Tents 500 1262345/26/2017
Ish... 500 1262335/26/2017
So Curtish 500 1250844/8/2017
Prof 500 1236612/8/2017
All the time 500 1235452/3/2017
First all 500 12228812/13/2016
Back to science 500 12149511/10/2016