J. Thorstensson

J. is 36 years old. He is the Electric Guitarist of Alstublieft. J. is also known as "The Bible". J. is located in Paris at Jörgy's.

J. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to do nothing in order to get ahead professionally.

ooc: far far away

Company Shares

Shareholders are given a vote equal to the percentage of the company they own. For example, if you own 15% of a company, your vote counts for 15%. Please note that in companies with a lot of shares, your percentage may display incorrectly.

You may discard your shares in a company unless you are the final shareholder.

Company Shares Amount %
Demolition Industry for Paris air quality 49999 96.17%
Jólaköttur 206899 99.95%
L'entreprise la plus classe du Monde 1 100.00%
London Football Club, P.L.C. 5000 11.11%
Sören's Inc. 4 80.00%
The Aspirin Holding 4 80.00%
The Carlyle Group 34 50.75%

Shareholder Trading License

To be able to give away or receive company shares from other people you have to have a shareholder trading license. These can be purchased as a credit product. If you don't have any credits you can purchase them in our shop.

J. purchased a shareholder trading license 10/21/2017.