P. Frostenborn

P. is 49 years old. She is the Lead Singer of Blah!. P. is also known as "Spaяrow". P. is located in London at 103 Notting Hill Gate, UK.

P. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to do nothing in order to get ahead professionally.

Character Skills

Skills are an essential key to success. You normally gain new skills by reading books or attending university classes. Some skills can only be learned through special circumstances and events in the game however. After all, none of us learned how to walk by reading a book...

Characters can choose to keep some or all of their skills secret. The number of skills a character keeps secret can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Skill Level
Advanced Pharmacology 50
Basic Medicine 50
Pharmacology 50
Professional Medicine 50
Nature & Resources
Advanced Botany 50
Basic Botany 50
Basic Detective 50
Basic Fire Arms 50
Basic Law 50
Basic Psychology 50
Basic Politics 50
This character has decided to keep 60 skills secret.