Basic Detective

Remember Columbo? Use this skill to ask cunning question to others, to make them reveal things from their diary. On the interact screen, choose "Interrogate". Things that help interrogation: Your charm and intelligence, skill level and low intelligence of the target. The attitude of the target matters (e.g. aggressive are hard to question, friendly easy). Their state (incarcerated, hospitalized etc) also matters, and the locale you are in. Possibly other things as well.

You can learn about this skill from the item or book Basic Detective.

You can learn about this skill in a school or university which offers a class in it, or you can learn it from an apprenticeship with a master.

Higher Learning

If you have enough stars in this skill you can learn the following:

Fingerprint recognition 20
DNA Analysis 20
Image analysis 20
Special Weapons And Tactics 20
Undercover Operations 20