Who built this awesome game?

It may look like a simple internet site to some. But it takes a lot of people to keep a game like this rolling. These are the people who help make it all possible. To each and everyone on this list now and in the past we'd like to say THANK YOU. Without you none of this would have been possible.

Game officials speaking US English


J. Hardy


K. Bryan


S. Argalia



J. Farnsworth, B. Mackenzie, B. Samuels

Senior Moderator

F. Álvarez De Miranda, J. Hardy, R. Raisters

Senior Sentinel

S. Argalia, N. Palacios

Senior Translator

E. Moreno, J. Rojas

Executive Editor The Insider

P. Bastard, K. King

Community Representative

V. F'Ck The Law, G. Göksu, R. ŠÀINT, C. van Helsing


Jonn Clemente, all rights reserved.
Additional fillers in the style of Clemente by Jonas Farnsworth.


Most of the icons used in the game are from Fugue Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane (licensed under Creative Commons 3.0).

Special Thanks

"Daniel Jonasson"
"Frank Blomdahl"
"Mika Grenhall"

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