Offensive Content in Popmundo

How to report Offensive Content?

On most pages where there is user generated content, there's also an option to report the content. The report function is hidden by default and can be activated when you need it via the Report Abuse icon () from the toolbar at the top of the page. When activated, report icons will appear next to the content that can be reported.

Clicking one of these icons will show you a preview of the report where you also need to explain why you find this content to be offensive. If only one person reports one avatar it's usually not enough to build a case around, but if one piece of content generates several reports it will be dealt with.

Reported content is stored and our staff is alerted. They then judge if the content is indeed offensive. If so, the author will be punished according to the guidelines. Note, however, that you will not be notified about the outcome of reports you have made.

What is considered as offensive?

This can be a tricky question and the answer is also usually individual. We all have different standards and look at content with different eyes. Remember that this is a social role playing game and it's intended for mature and adult people from many countries. As such, we like to keep a good tolerance of content and each other.

We tolerate bare skin but not pornographic images, and we like a healthy argument as much as anyone, but within reasonable limits.

Personal attacks, racism, attempts to impersonate game officials or trying to manipulate the system or similar will never be tolerated. Our Rules of Conduct give a closer explanation of what we expect from our players, and what is not allowed.

If you think that the content you're about to report is truly offensive, please report it. If you feel that someone hurt your ego or said something harsh in the heat of the moment, try walking it off.

Remember to refrain from becoming part of an offensive dialogue, as it worsens the situation and may also mean you show abusive behaviour yourself. Abuse is judged case by case, not relative to 'who started it' or other cases. Abusive use of the report tool will count as preventing our staff from doing their job, and is subject to possible punishments.


Punishments for violations of the rules range from warnings, content blocks, or in serious or repeated cases, expulsion from the game.

General discussion of rules or guidelines are welcome in forums, but punishments and verdicts in specific cases are not a matter for public discussion. Complaints or questions about a case should instead be directed to a member of the Moderating or Sentinel team, who can help explain the breached rule, or to their Seniors, who can review the case.

Contacting Moderators and Sentinels

Moderators handle publicly visible content (such as blogs, forum posts, character statements etc) while Sentinels handle also private content (such as reported private conversations), and highly abusive cases.

The Moderators and Sentinels are listed here below and on the Crew pages, with their respective languages. Both groups have their Seniors, who oversee their respective teams and can be contacted in the event of a complaint. You can reach the Seniors via the Contact Us page.

If you need to contact a Moderator or Sentinel with a question, be polite and you'll be treated with the same respect. They are here to help you. If you should be subjected to abuse, don’t hesitate to contact them. However, they are not logged in 24/7, so don't be alarmed if you don't get an instant reply or if your concern isn’t attended to immediately.

Our Sentinels

C. Vance Turkish
L. Leask Turkish
M. Delacour Turkish
N. Palacios Portuguese, Portuguese, Brazil
R. Toksöz Hungarian
S. Argalia Turkish, US English

Our Moderators

A. Star Suomi
A. Mâra Turkish
C. Gill Turkish
E. Dark Raven Portuguese, Portuguese, Brazil
E. Glass Lithuanian
E. Porter Turkish
F. Álvarez De Miranda Turkish
J. Ferrari Portuguese, Portuguese, Brazil
J. Thorstensson French
J. Hardy Spanish, Spanish, Argentina, Spanish, Latin American, US English
J. Macken Spanish, Spanish, Argentina, Spanish, Latin American
K. Knappe Norwegian, UK English
L. Yılmaz German
N. Macindoe Spanish, Spanish, Argentina, Spanish, Latin American
R. Raisters Turkish
R. O'Connor UK English