City Elections

Elections determine which people should run the cities we all live in. When a new election starts, citizens of that city can run for the office. However, there are some rules and guidelines each player should understand before becoming a candidate. There are also a few other regulations about who can run for office and who can cast a vote in the election, which will show up where applicable.

Vote counting

Unless one of the candidates gains 50% of the votes, the top two candidates will move on to a final showdown, finishing one week after the first round. You will then get to cast a second vote. If several candidates end up with the same amount of votes, the candidate who's collected the most Campaign Points wins. Should they also have the same amount of Campaign Points, the oldest candidate will win the election.

Buying votes is illegal

Using VIP-payments to buy votes is something we frown upon. The fact that it gives an unfair advantage to certain candidates should be reason enough, but mostly we will not tolerate Real Life-transactions as part of the game world.

Buying votes through in game measures is bad ethics and probably illegal in most cities; however, as long as the corruption stays in-game, it's a matter for the in-game police.


Spamming other characters through PMs, bulletins or any other way is strictly forbidden. If a candidate is found to be spamming, s/he must immediately drop out of the election. The spammer will also be punished.

Game officials

Game officials such as moderators and news editors may not run for political office or be appointed to a government position in the same town where they moderate a forum or edit articles for ingame news. However, they are allowed to continue their moderating/editing duties in other cities as long as they don't interfere with their political ambitions.