Welcome to Tromsø

The city of Tromsø is located in Norway, and currently the home of 888 people. The local time and date is 5/27/2019, 10:18 AM.

Through these pages you can find out more about the city, places to visit and what is happening here. To travel to another city you can either buy a plane ticket, hitch a ride with a touring band, or hop into a personal vehicle if you own one.

Upcoming days in Tromsø

Day Date Weekday Holiday
55 1437605/27/2019 2Monday
56 1437845/28/2019 3Tuesday New Year's Eve
1 1438085/29/2019 4Wednesday New Year's Day
2 1438325/30/2019 5Thursday
3 1438565/31/2019 6Friday
4 1438806/1/2019 7Saturday
5 1439046/2/2019 1Sunday

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A word from the Mayor

Welcome to Tromso.
You've never been guest in the most northern city in this universe? Never played a show here? Never been on a quest in the Northern Sea or the North Atlantic? How sad is that? Time to change this, right? What has Tromso to offer?

Velkommen til Tromsø
Har du aldri besøkt den nordligste byen i universet? Aldri spilt en konsert her? Aldri sett Nordsjøen eller Atlanterhavet? Er ikke det litt trist? Er det ikke på tide å endre dette nå? Hva kan Tromsø tilby?

🎓 University: Universitet i Tromsø
⛪ Temple: Ishavskatedralen
🏖️ Beach: Telegrafbukta Strand
⛲ Skatepark: Tromsø Skatepark
🏘️ Estate Agency: Tromsø Eiendomsmegler
🏞️ Countryside: Tromsdalen
🏰 Open home: Kongsten

When you are interested in hiking, you can do this in the mountains and if you do it on St. Kobe you will be blessed by the muse. More about the quests in Tromso you can read in the English General Forum. 2104562.1

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Check out the City Calendar for upcoming events, or visit the Social Pages to find other things to do in the near future.

Upcoming shows in Tromsø

Ropa Andrajosa is playing in Fiesta [TRO] at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100
Ariel is playing in Enchanted Tales - Tromso at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 32
Katy Kat is playing in Humber CLUB (TROMSO) at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 76
★ A kind of magic ★ is playing in Coromoto Latin~TRO at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 62
Nuevo Amanecer is playing in Latin Sensuality |Tro| at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 41
Whoosh Transcending Revival is playing in Mother Earth - Tromsø at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 37
тogeтher on тнe road is playing in Pure Latin Spirit TRO at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100
The Dream Store is playing in W Class. Auditorium >TRO< at 5/27/2019, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 72

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