Crime in Tromsø

These are all the possible crimes in the game. The severity level, shown on a scale of 1-10, indicates how serious the city rulers consider each type of crime to be. The deviance show how the current severity level differs from the default levels of the game.

The list also shows if anyone guilty of a crime can get away with paying a fine as punishment instead of spending time in jail. Ultimately, however, it's up to the judge on duty to decide if a fine should be handed out in each particular case.

NOTE: Career criminals from The Great Heist will most likely never be handed a fine to pay for their crimes. Fines are normally only handed out to otherwise law abiding citizens.

Crime Fine Severity Deviance
Bank Robbery 8
Breaking & Entering 7
Prison Break 7 +2
Theft 6 +2
Grand Larceny 5
Art Theft 5
Corporate Espionage 5
Post Office Robbery 5
Prison Break Assistance 5
Pharmaceutical Theft 5
Temple Intrusion 5
Hotel Robbery 5
Tampering with Evidence 5
Grave Robbery 5
Store Robbery 3
Debt Yes 3 +1
Vandalism Yes 3 +1

Crime & Human Rights

"The true test of society is how well it treats its prisoners and old people."

Crime severity levels help define how well Human Rights are cared for in each city. Great deviance in this area will cause a city to score much lower in this area. A low Human Rights score affects the political stability in a city.