New Citizens in Istanbul

This is a list of the 30 newest citizens of this city. Although new citizens are usually a wonderful thing, pay attention to the dates on these new citizenships. A sudden burst of new citizens could signal the coming of political unrest.

Citizen In Town? Citizen Since
C. Vera-Toscano 1708966/30/2022
H. Reaves Yes 1708696/29/2022
N. Ala Yes 1708076/26/2022
T. Payan 1707816/25/2022
M. Violette Yes 1706196/19/2022
T. Aras Yes 1706116/18/2022
L. Harrington Yes 1705946/18/2022
L. Burns Yes 1705866/17/2022
C. Myth Yes 1704626/12/2022
C. Levent 1704566/12/2022
A. Duran Yes 1703736/8/2022
L. Fenner Yes 1702956/5/2022
E. Foucault 1702416/3/2022
L. Lockhart 1701555/30/2022
G. Müge 1697085/12/2022
C. Arıkan Yes 1693854/28/2022
D. Özpınar 1693444/27/2022
S. Altınel Yes 1692994/25/2022
B. Baldan Yes 1689384/10/2022
D. Özgürlük Yes 1688114/4/2022
A. Gürbüz 1685183/23/2022
R. Şölen Yes 1684933/22/2022
D. Gürce 1681583/8/2022
V. Vasques Yes 1673742/3/2022
E. Keskin Yes 1672881/31/2022
H. Keskin Yes 1672881/31/2022
E. Keskin Yes 1672881/31/2022
M. von Meow Yes 1672551/29/2022
B. Boz Yes 1670311/20/2022
L. Faye Yes 1666941/6/2022