New Citizens in Istanbul

This is a list of the 30 newest citizens of this city. Although new citizens are usually a wonderful thing, pay attention to the dates on these new citizenships. A sudden burst of new citizens could signal the coming of political unrest.

Citizen In Town? Citizen Since
C. Minot Yes 1852572/19/2024
A. Irwansyah Yes 1850422/10/2024
H. Ağır Yes 1849242/5/2024
E. Kozcuoğlu Yes 1848782/3/2024
E. Kalpio 1847171/27/2024
L. Farndale 1847041/27/2024
H. Sönmez Yes 1846771/25/2024
S. Serif Yes 1843991/14/2024
G. Jones 18392112/25/2023
D. Hawk Yes 18388512/23/2023
K. Castelijns 18377812/19/2023
A. Borgia Yes 18365912/14/2023
J. Vondenbusch Yes 18359312/11/2023
S. Starsmore 18354712/9/2023
B. Şakar 18349012/7/2023
C. Yaman 18332911/30/2023
K. Sungur 18325511/27/2023
E. Rockford Yes 18318111/24/2023
G. Truett Yes 18303511/18/2023
Z. Kaçar Yes 18249510/26/2023
E. Korkmaz 18226710/17/2023
D. Yalın Yes 18223110/15/2023
S. Raut-Roy 18217310/13/2023
N. Öyken 18195310/4/2023
J. Kapkın 1817869/27/2023
S. Mccartney Yes 1817799/27/2023
C. de Kat 1817709/26/2023
C. Erdenay 1817659/26/2023
J. Gyllenhaal Yes 1817639/26/2023
N. Tuna 1817489/25/2023