New Citizens in Istanbul

This is a list of the 30 newest citizens of this city. Although new citizens are usually a wonderful thing, pay attention to the dates on these new citizenships. A sudden burst of new citizens could signal the coming of political unrest.

Citizen In Town? Citizen Since
S. Bora 1779854/22/2023
K. Karahan Yes 1779154/19/2023
D. Onan 1775694/4/2023
J. Stewart Yes 1771333/17/2023
C. Lucas Yes 1771193/16/2023
C. Parkan Yes 1769623/10/2023
F. Galatasaray 1769543/10/2023
C. De Luna Yes 1768213/4/2023
V. Loo 1768163/4/2023
S. Paris 1768003/3/2023
I. Jagger Yes 1767553/1/2023
T. Esen Yes 1765402/20/2023
L. Ferrari 1765132/19/2023
E. Anderson 1764972/19/2023
J. Deniz Yes 1763912/14/2023
B. Ruffles 1761932/6/2023
J. Hendrix Yes 1760341/30/2023
M. Pérez Raposo Yes 1760001/29/2023
A. Feza 1757911/20/2023
F. Sinatra Yes 1757551/19/2023
B. McLeod Yes 1756921/16/2023
M. Mundo 1756331/14/2023
E. Riche Yes 1756231/13/2023
E. Yılmaz Yes 1756231/13/2023
M. McLeod Yes 1756231/13/2023
D. Pan 1755461/10/2023
D. Blue 1754771/7/2023
Z. Akun Yes 1754601/6/2023
A. Myth 1753381/1/2023
İ. Hocazâde 17520112/27/2022