Locales in London

Each city is divided in to different Zones. Find locales in those zones that are relevant to the career and game you're focusing on. You will only find locales of public interest here and not character homes or abandoned buildings.

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Locale Type Quality  
Alô, alô, Grazadels! Restaurant 22
Jessie Lanches Restaurant 22
Dancing Shoes |LON| Restaurant 22
Owl You Need Is Love Restaurant 22
Akira Violet Sushi Restaurant 22
Somewhere 0nly We Know Restaurant 22
Restaurant Queen Ann Restaurant 21
KISS ME! * Restaurant 21
Soulmate Restaurant Restaurant 21
One More Cup Of Tea Restaurant 20
* Glamour Gourmet * - LON Restaurant 20
27 Club Restaurant 20
méditerranéenne Restaurant 19
Afternoon Tea Room Restaurant 19
Once Upon A Wonderland Restaurant 19
Erotik Zey Aş Evi Restaurant 18
Absolutely Love ~London Restaurant 17
*Land & Sea Bistro* 2 Restaurant 17
Wolf Den Restaurant 16
T&A FINE DINING - LON Restaurant 16
Vikings | LON Restaurant 16
Seduce Another Man-LON Restaurant 15
Grand Olimpo Restaurant 15
~ The Cloths Of Heaven ~ Restaurant 15
Mi Cama |LON| Restaurant 15
Restaurante Familia Valo Restaurant 12
O' Flowers Inn Restaurant 10
Dinner at the rich "Lon" Restaurant 10