New Citizens in London

This is a list of the 30 newest citizens of this city. Although new citizens are usually a wonderful thing, pay attention to the dates on these new citizenships. A sudden burst of new citizens could signal the coming of political unrest.

Citizen In Town? Citizen Since
M. Salvatore 1604244/20/2021
D. Winterbourn 1603864/18/2021
E. Song 1603584/17/2021
G. Pepper 1603334/16/2021
D. Brookstein 1601684/9/2021
M. Mcfarland 1601054/7/2021
E. Serin Yes 1600654/5/2021
C. Lourenço Ribeiro Yes 1598063/25/2021
H. Queen Ruggiero 1597433/22/2021
E. Bathory 1596353/18/2021
A. Somerville 1593773/7/2021
H. Milligan 1593673/7/2021
I. de Man 1593383/6/2021
E. Ryba 1593383/6/2021
M. De Man 1593383/6/2021
T. Amor Con Latte 1592933/4/2021
G. Lowden 1592903/4/2021
E. Nadal Yes 1592142/28/2021
A. de Man 1590352/21/2021
M. Eades 1589792/19/2021
T. Hardy 1589512/17/2021
R. Álvarez De Miranda 1589392/17/2021
R. van der Spek Yes 1588622/14/2021
J. Jackson 1588272/12/2021
E. van der Star Yes 1587862/11/2021
S. Deloach 1587742/10/2021
R. Burleson Yes 1587722/10/2021
J. Cloud 1587702/10/2021
A. Burton 1587232/8/2021
A. Lopes Yes 1587142/8/2021