The gym is where you hang out to get your daily exercise. Don't forget that going to the gym costs money and that you need to change your character focus to make the most of your visit to the gym.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Gym
City: Helsinki
City Zone: Takomo (Industrial)
Management: Budding Inc.
Quality: 50
Condition: nice
Cash: 180,107.60 M$
Service Cost: 35.00 M$



Note from the Management

This is exactly the right place for all women to spend some real quality time and relax in a special female way.

Just have a look, girls... there are hanging a lot of nice posters on the wall that let every female pulse get higher... (I promise - You may also touch it!)

Asking yourself what is it that our sugary vampire is holding in his hands?
Your female intuition got no limit...
Dies ist genau der richtige Ort, damit frau es sich mal so richtig gut gehen lassen und auf weibliche Art und Weise entspannen und trainieren kann.

Schaut Euch einfach mal um Mädels.. da hängen jede Menge solcher netten Poster, die einer das Herz höher schlagen lassen.. (Versprochen - Ihr dürft auch mal anfassen!)

Und...was unser zuckersüßer Vampir da wohl in seinen Händen hält?
Eurer weiblichen Intuition sind keine Grenzen gesetzt...
Eure Ѕ☀ηηe ;)