Kruger National Park

Nothing beats a nice trip to the countryside. Who knows what adventures await you here?

Basic Info

Locale Type: Countryside
City: Johannesburg
City Zone: Gauteng (Countryside)
Management: City of Johannesburg
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 1,183,692.80 M$


Acting Out

Note from the Management

Kruger National Park is the countryside located very close to Johannesburg. It's kept in its natural shape by our rangers, and it is indeed a good place to catch a glimpse of Johannesburg's unique wildlife.

In the national park itself you can find wild animals and rare plants, but those of you looking for an adventure might be willing to delve further and follow the path to St. Lucia . The journey there takes somewhere around 90 minutes, and in St. Lucia you can try your luck in fishing, or just enjoy the beach!

If you like what you see and are willing to help us make Johannesburg even better, you can donate some money in Donations to Johannesburg from us. All donations help! The profit goes directly to the city of Johannesburg.