Desert Temple

All you need is love! Yet sometimes some spiritual guidance or plain old fear of the almighty is necessary to set things straight... for some people at least. That is why there are temples in this world. Come here to say your prayers, meditate, and reflect on the world around us.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Temple
City: Johannesburg
City Zone: Central Business District (Center of Town)
Management: City of Johannesburg
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 1,135,085.80 M$

Note from the Management

FOR THOSE SPINNING THE WHEELS OF KOBE - Some people may offer to buy the items you get from spinning the Wheels. Some of these people may offer prices like 500.000 or 1.000.000. Keep in mind that items from the Wheels of Kobe are actually worth many millions, sometimes dozens of millions, so be careful with people offering low prices - they're trying to cheat you. For a better notion on the average price of Kobe items, check the World Trade Forum (credit items/special items threads)

Welcome to Johannesburg Desert Temple

Open for meditation, prayers, confessions and weddings...

...Entrance to the fearsome desert quest.