Scotland Yard

The police station is here for your service and protection. The donut stand outside is there by accident. Police don't eat more donuts than the rest of us.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Police Station
City: London
City Zone: Westminster (Center of Town)
Management: Scotland Yard
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 12,708,862.80 M$

Note from the Management

Chief of Police (CoP): Ethan Lacroix

Officers, you need to stay in London. Quick visits out of town are allowed but please let me know when you're going away for a while. Visits to the crypt and Antenora are allowed.

If you want to apply for a job please use ONLY the application thread in London forum, you can find the link below. Please don't send PMs where you request a job. Remember to check the job requirements first, as well.

News and discussion: 2336869.1
Job applications: 2336872.1

PRO TIP: Want to keep the bad guys (does) away from stealing your money or attacking you? Kids are safe inside homes or at the nursery. Adults can also skill up Basic Street Smartness. Hope this gives you peace of mind, stay safe out there!