Popitos SQW [Johannes]

The club is where artists begin their career by playing shows in front of an audience. Some clubs allow you to book a show here on this page directly, while others only invite artists they want to see perform in their club. Some clubs also require artists to be of a specific genre and have a minimum level of local fame to play there. Please keep in mind that when playing a show in a club everything from the club quality to the power output affect your shows in one way or another. Artists should select their venues with care.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Club (Genre Exclusive Club)
Genre: Flamenco (truly abysmal)
Fame Requirement: bottom dwelling
City: Johannesburg
City Zone: Zonk'lzizwe (Commercial)
Management: Popitos SQW
Quality: 0
Condition: dreadful
Cash: (5,370.70) M$
Power Capacity: 2090 W
Rider Limit: 100,000.00 M$
Artist Cut: 50%
Bookings: Invitation only
Service Cost: 5.00 M$
Current storage size: 0 of 15000 MU


love will tear us apart

Note from the Management

Welcome at Popitos SQW

● Will you tour the world with your band? You can set your R&B's concerts in Popitos SQW in all cities, or you can just send your tour plan to me.

● Contact me for invitations, ticket prices, artist cut, world tour, jobs, record contract (Daiquiri Blues Records) and whatever you may need.


* For best ticket sales, bands should book at least 1 month in advance (the ideal it's 56 days).

* Don't book shows for the same day or the day after cause you're not going to sell any tickets and your show will fail.

* Ticket prices are adjusted according to your local band fame.

Fame - Ticketprice
0/1 - 6 Euro
2/3 - 7 Euro
4 - 8 Euro
5 - 10 Euro
6 - 12 Euro
7 - 15 Euro
8 - 20 Euro
9 - 25 Euro
10 - 30 Euro
11 - 35 Euro
12 - 40 Euro
13 - 45 Euro
14 - 50 Euro
15 - 55 Euro
16 - 60 Euro