Kasteroidut herkut TAL

The shop is where you go to buy all the things you didn't even know you needed. But shop around! You might find what you need for half the price just around the corner.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Shop
City: Tallinn
City Zone: Mustamäe (Residential)
Management: ToBeNamedSoon
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 42,541.80 M$
Service Cost: 1.00 M$
Current storage size: 926 of 40000 MU


This shop specializes in selling items categorized as: Groceries, Natural Products.

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Note from the Management

Fluffy Handcuffs 70M
T.I.E.R.P. Breathing Apparatus 20M
Illuminati Pyramid Puzzle 75M
Roll of Gold Doubloons 5 uses left. 55M
Gold Doubloon 11M

Bunny ears 90M
some vintage jewelry 250K

Vintage Clothes 25K each
Tell me how many you want, I have a lot of these.

College Jacket
Denim Jacket
Elephant Boxers
Glow In The Dark Lingerie
Lace Bodysuit
Melvin Klein Boxers
Melvin Klein Panties
Mermaid Bra
Military Jacket
Military Jacket (Lady Style)
Motorcycle Jacket
Panties (You Shall Not Pass)
Red Leather Jacket (Thriller style)
Sexy Birthday Lingerie Set
Sexy Santa Lingerie Set
Superhero's Underwear
Transparent Plastic Raincoat
Trench Coat
Yellow Leather Jacket (Freddie Style)


If there is anything we don´t have in stock please message me and it will be ordered for you.

Kaste Kenttämaa