Ilanga Beach

This public beach is readily available and open for anyone who wishes to spend their time here. Please stay out of the water if you're unable to swim and/or if you've been drinking. Enjoy!

Basic Info

Locale Type: Public Beach
City: Johannesburg
City Zone: Gauteng (Countryside)
Management: City of Johannesburg
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 541,755.70 M$

Note from the Management

'Ilanga' is a Zulu word that means 'sun'.

Despite not even being among the world's top-10 largest countries, South Africa is bathed by two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian.

Another interesting feature of South Africa's shores is the Cape of Good Hope (once known as Cape of Storms), thus dubbed by the Portuguese sailor Bartolomeu Dias. Dias was the first European to sail around Africa towards India and back to Europe. On the other hand, some sources claim that Phoenicians had managed to sail around the African continent nearly 2.000 years prior.

Home of FC Gauteng, Champions of PFL Season 16

Host of the first Professional Football Champions Trophy, won by Bosphorus United

Here the first Football PopWorld Cup was played, in the year 113, and won by Berlin