Skin Records Rome

The recording studio is where artists record tracks of their songs. You'll find everything you'll need to book a recording session here, or any other record studio, over on your artist page. Although it's possible to record a track in any recording studio, it's probably a good idea to contact the people you have signed a contract with first, since they might offer you discounts and other special treatment. If you don't have a record contract yet, please contact the management of a suitable recording studio to have them offer you one. You must have a record contract to actually release your recorded tracks to the public.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Record Studio
Genre: Blues (awesome)
City: Rome
City Zone: San Lorenzo (Commercial)
Management: Skin Entertainment Ltd.
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 18,832,482.70 M$
Service Cost: 9.90 M$

Note from the Management

Welcome to Skin Records Rome!

This is a Blues / R&B studio, but everyone can apply, and will be addressed to the appropriate genre studio, if present.
Please contact Werner, if you wish to have a contract.

Track recording hints
- songs 100% jammed;
- enter studio in high mood/health;
- find a skilled producer accepting your invitation;
- skilled guests help performance.

Record release hints
Please contact studio for planning a timely/optimal release, and send your record project as early as possible.

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Organization: see 2173960.1