Gangstah ASA Club

Gangstah ASA Club!


This is NOT a ORDINARY Club where u get nothing in return! Every single member here is like FAMILY we Accept members from BOTH POP world! We respect everyone privacy and values and we never Share or Give out Members info. And love tip or opinions in our Club forum how we can get even better.

WANT ACCESS TO UNLIMITED CRAZY SHIT, EVENTS, PARTIES, FESTIVALS AND CREDITS to half price! Then this is the place for you im afraid. We only accept 1 PPM char and who uses one or more of our services.

If you want to JOIN fill in this FORM and SEND it to our Intake Commission Grace Barrett or Pamela Berger

Char ID(s) & Name:
Use our Discord server:
Any current member that can vouch for you (Name/ID:
Why do you want to Join our Club:
I promise to follow the rules of the Club:

We prioritize those who use our Services.

INVITE code for our OWN DISCORD SERVER is ONLY for members in Bulletin and Club Forum - P.S NEW CODE!.

]If someone wants to participate/volunteer to be a contact person or help out with our many many Locales, Arrange our Festival or Exclusive Parties and more THEN contact one person below!

Dont hesitate to contact our CREW:

Chieftan EMINEM Lee (Hotels, Gyms, Festival & Parties)

- Grace Barrett (Shops, Labels, CLUB CHAIN see here. 2343796.1
- Pamela Berger Labels, Bank & CLUB CHAIN see here. 2343796.1
- Amarilis PARTIES, Festivals & Events
- Stadium Chief Louis Vederhus (Charge of ALL Stadiums or see here 2285777.1


Club Information
Created: 6/9/2013
Leader: E. Lee
Club House: Gangstah ASA Social Club
City: Los Angeles
Management: Gangstah ASA SOCIAL CLub & CO
Size: 197 members
Accepts applications: Yes

Regarding social clubs

A social club is a place where people gather to fraternize and share common interests. The only way of becoming a member of a social club is to be invited by the club leader. All social clubs have a club house where the members meet.

VIPs can be a member of up to five social clubs at the same time, while non-VIPs can only be a member of one.