~* Invite only at this time *~

You know it as the echo within that reaches outward. The quiet garden inside your rib cage, made of poetry and dreams. It is a soft shadow cast by creative souls.

Among the every day drudgery there are like minded people. Consider this a safe place to sit among kindred creative spirits. Dream, create, unburden your mind. Share your stories, your tales of travel or your inner journey. Share your loss and the yearnings of your heart. Or feel free to just sit quietly and seek inspiration in shadow.

Poets, dreamers, wayfarers, musicians, thieves. Those keepers of harmony who create peace or the inventors of chaos, whatever tune you dance to you will find something shared here. For this is a fortress for all who have a heart dipped in paint, ink in their veins, or a tale to tell settled on their lips.

Club Information
Created: 7/3/2013
Leader: D. Faulkner
Club House: Meditation Room
City: London
Management: Resonance
Size: 12 members
Accepts applications: No

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