Casherosa Bound


This club is dedicated to promoting events organized by me or friends, events where you can have all kinds of fun, win prizes, gain achievements, connect, find a partner for life or just enjoy a cool beer.

I announce the events regularly in bulletins. So if getting a notification now and then bothers you, maybe this isn't the right place for you. Just sayin'.

I'm always looking for active people who don't sleep like me to help with stuff, like organizing, translations, jurors and spreading the word.

All nationalities welcome!

Newbies absolutely welcome!

If you'd like an invite, just give me a holler.

Love, Cash.

Here's some of the stuff you are welcome to join! Member or not!

* Casherosa Bound Tour - Schedule especially designed to take you to all the famous parties! -> 2333302.1

* CashBash@Tallinn - My 3-Day bday and tour end party which usually skids out of control -> 2355495.1

* Double C Sunset @ LA - More relaxed celebration of love and peace and anything smokeable -> 2342396.1

* Tallinn Tetrathlon - Compete in drinking, rolling the dice, bull-riding or rolling joints! -> 2343043.1

* Bookmaker's corner - Place your bets and get rich! -> 2342455.1

* Blue Lottery - Newbies win free stuff/cash -> 2284574.1

Check out our threads in:

French 2343076.1 & 2343078.1

Polish 2342960.1

Portuguese 2342974.1

Spanish 2343002.1

Turkish 2343028.1

Others coming soon!

Just a few basic rules...

- Respect = Understand the meaning of 'No'
- Don't message all! I'll gladly post a bulletin.
- Have fun!

Club Information
Created: 11/18/2019
Leader: C. Clements
Club House: PartyPeople 4 CashBash HQ
City: Tallinn
Management: Casherosa Bound Inc
Size: 1008 members
Accepts applications: Yes

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