Osram ne Nsoromma

Osram ne Nsoromma

Osram ne Nsoromma is one of the Stars of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 7/13/2016 the artist is currently ranked as the #17 African Music act. The artist is considered to be from Johannesburg. This artist accepts invitations.

African Music #17 $8,095,170.52

Artist Buzz

Live performances include a GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS show at African Rain | KIE in Kiev which is rated as their best recent show.

The band is currently successful, with presence in 37 radio charts. # Purple Bubble Gum has the highest position, at number 21.

The most recent music video by Osram ne Nsoromma is # Purple Bubble Gum, released on 11/14/2018.

Osram ne Nsoromma released the GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS full length album Savannah on 11/24/2018.

Message to the Fans

Pan Pipe
Lead Vocal


E. Dramalı
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Goblet Drummer
Member since 7/13/2016

M. Dramalı
Pan-Pipe Player / Dancer
Member since 7/13/2016

M. Hunt
Band Leader
Trumpet Player / Backup Vocalist
Member since 7/13/2016