Valheru is one of the Headliners of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 4/13/2021 the artist is currently ranked as the #112 Heavy Metal act. The artist is considered to be from Tromsø. This artist accepts invitations.

Latest Shows

9/25/2022 Moscow incredible Details »
9/24/2022 Berlin incredible Details »
9/23/2022 Warsaw incredible Details »

Artist Buzz

This artist was eliminated in round 1 of the last Popopalooza!

Live performances include a perfect show at Blood Moon (MAD) in Madrid which is rated as their best recent show.

Valheru released the perfect single Dimmu Borgir on 9/20/2022.

Message to the Fans

"Dimmu Borgir" was our last single, we will leave the band at the end of the tour and join up with another band. To all our fans: thank you so much for being there with us all these (in-game) years!


R. Asgardsson
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Keyboard Player
Member since 4/13/2021

M. Wolsink
Electric Guitarist / Backup Vocalist
Member since 1/31/2022