V. Hardman

V. is 24 years old. She is the Cat Burglar of A New Beginning. V. is also known as "Vics". The whereabouts of V. are unknown.

V. likes to keep stealthy during off hours and is trying to recon location in order to get ahead professionally.

A Perfect World

V. refuses to have anything to do with PVP crime in this world. V. refuses to own or trade stolen goods.

Criminal Record

This is a summary of V.'s criminal record.

Date Crime Incarceration City
16554811/19/2021 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Moscow
16539611/13/2021 Prison Break Escaped! London
16517111/4/2021 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
16507910/31/2021 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1642279/25/2021 Art Theft Escaped! Brussels
1642069/24/2021 Art Theft Escaped! Brussels
1641839/23/2021 Art Theft Escaped! Brussels
1641519/22/2021 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1639259/13/2021 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1638319/9/2021 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Barcelona
1635178/27/2021 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1634138/22/2021 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1634018/22/2021 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1633578/20/2021 Corporate Espionage Escaped! Barcelona
1631468/11/2021 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1631188/10/2021 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1630928/9/2021 Prison Break Assistance Escaped! London
1630808/9/2021 Post Office Robbery Escaped! London
1616246/9/2021 Bank Robbery Escaped! London
1600484/4/2021 Tampering with Evidence Escaped! Melbourne
1589932/19/2021 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
1586662/6/2021 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London
15772512/28/2020 Pharmaceutical Theft Escaped! London