C. Clements

C. is 66 years old. He is the Acoustic Guitarist of Crowing Rooster. C. is also known as "Possum Balls". C. is located in Montreal at Shroomy Moon.

C. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.

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Background & Miscellaneous

This page contains basic personal information and brief historical background on this character, as well as some miscellaneous current information. Note that the information on this page has nothing to do with the player in control of this character.

Character Trivia

Cash was born in New York as the son of Marmaduke 'Duke' Fletcher, brother of Luke Fletcher of Nashville. His dad died young and he was raised by his momma, Clementine Clements, and his Uncle Luke in Nashville.

He has traumatic memories of that city and it gives him the creeps going there.

For reasons too complicated to explain here, he relocated to Tallinn, buying a farm there and making it the home of his ever increasing accidental family.

Cash has had two big loves in his life, but prefers not to dwell on that topic in public.

While being a regular guy obsessed with the opposite sex, he is caring, responsible and sensitive. His love for people regularly gets him into tight spots, which take quite an effort to get sorted out. Alternatively, he just runs.

Cash has a big heart for newbies, especially female, and provides them with cash, jobs and a warm bed.

He is the head of CC Industries, mainly active in the blues scene.

Personal Data

C. was born in New York. His father died when He was very young. He is somewhat obsessed with the opposite sex. He hates the idea of a steady job. He lost His virginity at the age of 16.

C. entered this world on Server time10/29/2013.

Next Birthday: Server time8/24/2021

Gender: Male

Citizenship: C. is a citizen of Tallinn since 1/14/2017.

C. is a member of the following social clubs: Blues Foundation, Casherosa Bound, The Queen's Gambit Chess Club

C.'s Popmundo Personal ID is 3117642.

A Perfect World

C. refuses to have anything to do with PVP crime in this world. C. refuses to own or trade stolen goods.