G. Göksu

G. is 18 years old. He is the Bass Guitarist of The Abyss. G. is also known as "The Dark Messiah". G. is located in Izmir at Abyss HM l IZM.

G. likes to rest during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.

Legen, wait for it, keep waiting, dary. Legendary!


Everybody should have at least one mansion to call their home. Just don't forget to pay the electric bill each week or you'll soon find yourself out on the street. Don't forget that if you're ever evicted from a home you immediately lose all the stuff you kept there.

Home Weekly Cost City
Slum Area 23 275.00 M$ Istanbul
Slum Area 30 275.00 M$ Antalya
Slum Area 29 55.00 M$ London
Göksu's Rio de Janeiro 0.00 M$ Rio de Janeiro
Göksu's Ankara 0.00 M$ Ankara
Göksu's Antalya 0.00 M$ Antalya
Göksu's Barcelona 0.00 M$ Barcelona
Göksu's Belgrade 0.00 M$ Belgrade
Göksu's Berlin 0.00 M$ Berlin
Göksu's Chicago 0.00 M$ Chicago
Göksu's Copenhagen 0.00 M$ Copenhagen
Göksu's Dubrovnik 0.00 M$ Dubrovnik
Göksu's Glasgow 0.00 M$ Glasgow
Göksu's Izmir 0.00 M$ Izmir
Göksu's Jakarta 0.00 M$ Jakarta
Göksu's Johannesburg 0.00 M$ Johannesburg
Göksu's Kiev 0.00 M$ Kiev
Göksu's Los Angeles 0.00 M$ Los Angeles
Göksu's Madrid 0.00 M$ Madrid
Göksu's Mexico City 0.00 M$ Mexico City
Göksu's Moscow 0.00 M$ Moscow
Göksu's Nashville 0.00 M$ Nashville
Göksu's Palace 0.00 M$ Istanbul
Göksu's Porto 0.00 M$ Porto
Göksu's Seattle 0.00 M$ Seattle
Göksu's Shanghai 0.00 M$ Shanghai
Göksu's Stockholm 0.00 M$ Stockholm
Göksu's Tallinn 0.00 M$ Tallinn
Göksu's Tokyo 0.00 M$ Tokyo
Göksu's Toronto 0.00 M$ Toronto
Göksu's Tromso 0.00 M$ Tromsø
Göksu's Warsaw 0.00 M$ Warsaw

Access Codes

Access codes are used instead of physical keys, and grant you access to somebody else's home.

Home City Owner Date of Issue
Penthouse Glasgow Glasgow F. Álvarez De Miranda 2/18/2021, 5:38 PM
Hazel's Istanbul Istanbul H. Deniz 1/17/2021, 11:19 PM
Hazel's New York New York H. Deniz 1/6/2020, 10:53 PM
Hazel's Vilnius Vilnius H. Deniz 10/18/2017, 12:18 AM
Hazel's Tokyo Tokyo H. Deniz 4/26/2017, 7:56 PM
Hazel's Paris Paris H. Deniz 2/10/2017, 8:03 PM
Hazel's Helsinki Helsinki H. Deniz 1/23/2017, 7:15 PM